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California Chiropractic Association

Los Angles Metro District Supports AG Xavier Becerra for Re-Election!

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He is a supporter of Doctors of Chiropractic.

Please support AG Xavier Becerra for re-election as he supports us!

Dear Presidents of California Chiropractic Association Districts and Fellow California Chiropractors,

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is running for re-election. He is very well informed on issues facing healthcare providers and patients as he has years of work experience under his belt pertaining to healthcare and his wife is a physician. He is a supporter of Doctors of Chiropractic. He understands the issues we face with insurance companies in regards to reimbursement and unfair business practices. He understands the problems Californians face with the opioid epidemic and is aware that chiropractic can be an alternative and solution to the opioid crisis. He has pledged to ensure access to great healthcare to all Californians and acknowledges us as an important part of the healthcare delivery system. AG Xavier Becerra will fight vigorously for US and Californians to ensure a bright future exists for California Healthcare and Patient Care. California Chiropractic Association Los Angeles Metro supports AG Xavier Becerra for re-election and is strengthening the relationship between him and Doctors of Chiropractic.

Please support AG Xavier Becerra for re-election as he supports us!

Please read his bio and statement link Below. At the bottom of the attachment is a link to donate to his campaign for re-election.

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